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Name Cell Phone No Email id
  Managing Director
  Mr. Sivakumar Pathiyat 09867572251   siva@mskshipping.com
  Mr. Vasant K Shetty 09867572255   vasant@mskshipping.com
  Mr. Lalji Kathigar 09967502262   lalji@mskshipping.com
  Mrs. Ranjana Ghag 08879470711   imp@mskshipping.com
  Mr. Pritam Ovale 09920294114   seaimport@mskshipping.com
  Ms. Arti J. Mandal 08898294971   airimport@mskshipping.com
  Mr. Satheesh Kumar Nair 09867572256   seaimp@mskshipping.com
  Mr. Nagesh Shirodkar 09892952306   export@mskshipping.com
  Mr. Kailash Musale 09324178438   export@mskshipping.com
  Ms. Sonal Keer 09323164648   mktg@mskshipping.com
  Mr. Ravikiran Bhomkar 09833568916   airfreight@mskshipping.com
  Mr. Jignesh Patel 09904807947   baroda@mskshipping.com
  Mr. Chandrakant Makwana 09904807946   brd.doc@mskshipping.com
  Mr. Falgun Barot 08511114258   ahd.ops@mskshipping.com
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